"The way these outlets allow you to pull and target is like nothing we've seen in marketing before".

The above quote from telecom billionaire,  Andrew Lermisider, is right out of the text from our 2018 Friends and Family Marketing Guide.

In the article snippet from page 4, Lermisider talks about the effectiveness of video marketing on Facebook and YouTube.  He even challenges his readers to try it for themselves and see what happens.

We took the challenge, made our own videos, and watched engagement soar. Try it with your artist's work and you'll be amazed at the likes, thumbs-ups, and positive feedback you find in your feeds.

The friendly interns at PrisonArtWare.com will design your videos--start to finish--with text, music and 10 of your artist's works, for just

$45. Order now and we'll include free setup of your artist's own YouTube channel.

Not convinced? Read the just the first paragraph of this article on Facebook marketing video.

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