We're Going Nonprofit and Need Your Help

William Crandell PhD


Depending on a company's fiscal policy,  Q3 can be both a heart stopper or time to rejoice; it's the part of the year where the rubber meets the road in planning for holiday marketing.

It's no different here,  but this Q3 PrisonArtWare.com will be converting to nonprofit status; a move that has seemed so right for so long, given the scope of our activities online and in the prison art community.

We need the support of our valued base to help us through the flaming hoops of the legal and regulatory system.

Take a minute to contribute to the cause. Your gift will be tax deductible in time for the 2019 tax year. Giving takes less than 2 minutes...I just put the interns' new "One Touch" button to the test!😀

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