Your Artist's Facebook "Biz" Page $90


a presence on social media is one of the easiest methods by which to gain rapid exposure for your artist and his or her work. And while there are a handful of social media platforms from which to choose, only Facebook offers a dedicated "business page", complete with its own set of analytics and

free/paid advertising features.

Once your artist is registered and has their free portfolio built out, their assigned "rep" (usually a PAW intern) can take on the job of both building and maintaining a dedicated Facebook business page for your artist. For the low price of $90, your artist's rep will design, illustrate, and fine tune this most influential marketing device to pull the results needed to prompt sales and drive traffic to your artist's online shopping portal.

No time to post?

Choose below for a handful of convenient sunscription-based posting options, all priced at 90% below what most professional posting services charge.

Choose from 5 service plans, all conveniently charged to your credit card or PayPal credit line.
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