"Self Marketing" for your imprisoned artist

While it is a fact that our imprisoned artists do the heavy lifting in creating their timeless works,  many have expressed their desire to take the lead in marketing their craft through the mail.  Some want it out of pride; out of a feeling of control over their lives; because they want to ease the burden placed on friends, family, and supporters. Others want it because they have no one to help in that task.

Whatever the case, PrisonArtWare offers a grouoing of "high exposure" products that can be ordered by friends, family and suppoters...or by the artists themselves through offers found on their quarterly Art Sales Summary. All work is performed by our clever and creative interns--a group of people who are passionate about both their own talents,  and the prison art movement as a whole.

Scroll down to read more about our offerings.  Thank you for the kindness and support you selflessly put forward in support of these men and women behind bars.

Featured Artist Page $55 per year

PrisonArtWare has just 10 of these dedicated Featured Artist pages available, and demand is high. A dedicated page can serve as either your artist's online "mini gallery" complete with PayPal "Buy Now" buttons, or a platform to tell their story then point visitors to their online portfolio. (A max of 10 images can be offered for sale on a Featured Artist page)


Choose between our design or that if your artist

Flyer Creation--mail out

The creative interns at PrisonArtWare.com will make a professional flyer for their art that effectively markets your work through the mail.  Send to penpals, relatives, magazines, news outlets and more. Each flyer comes with these features:

■ A 300-word bio about them,  their work, their inspiration.  (doesn't have to be the same bio used for their online portfolio)

■ 5 thumbnails of their work

■ A branded url that points to their  online portfolio 

(ex: shop_john_doe_at_prisonartware)

■ A complimentary QR Code  fr quick access by their flyer recipients.


Choose add'l link destination

QR Code Buy 1 get 1 FREE

Branded QR Codes are generated them printed and sent in two sizes (2"×2"/8"×8") to your artist.

Originals can be copied and pasted to letters, greeting cards, or the reverse side of mail-sized art, giving their recipients a direct link to their online portfolio and any of the following destinations:

• Their Featured Artist Page* $55

• Their Facebook page* $55

• Their Craigslist ad (FREE)

* Denotes products requiring extra establishment charges.


Support Ad $55

This online ad, placed on the "Support An Artist" tab of the PrisonArtWare.com website,  is seen by all site traffic funneled from both organic Google searches, and from our linked Facebook page.

Choose from large or small photo to accompany a 500-word thumbnail story regarding your artist, their work and their inspiration. The ad comes with a PayPal subscription button that allows supporters to choose from a trio of monthly support options set by us or your artist.

Note: Our Support-An-Artist program suggests that donors will receive


Facebook Art "biz" Page

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